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  • Kelp Me Kelp You is a natural, organic seaweed extract derived from Norwegian kelp, Ascophyllum nodosum.
  • Our product is a liquid concentrate suitable for fruits, vegetables, lawns, gardens, flowers and hydroponic applications.
  • Seaweed extract is a plant biostimulant that can be sprayed on the foliage, applied to the soil or added to the hydroponic recirculating nutrient reservoir.
  • Kelp Me Kelp You improves water holding characteristics of soil.
  • Contains numerous plant growth promoting substances, most notably cytokinins, which have been shown to accelerate the uptake of plant nutrients into roots and increase plant growth.
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    Wholly Mackerel is a liquid plant nutrient derived from marine fish species. It is an enzymatically digested product. Wholly Mackerel provides readily available amounts of organic nitrogen and phosphorus to growing plants. Our extra strength fish fertilizer contains 20 different amino acids, 13 vitamins and 8 minerals including manganese, iron, copper and zinc. These nutrients are also available to plants when applied as a foliar spray. The proteins in Wholly Mackerel are pre digested into readily usable peptides for plants and soil microbes. Use as a root drench application.