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Kaytee Feeder Station
Price: $9.77
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    Holds one standard sized KAYTEE Suet treat or a KAYTEE Mini-Cake. For your convenience, this Feeder Station hangs easily from a tree or pole. Enjoy feeding the birds in your backyard with the KAYTEE® Hanging Feeder Station.

    Kaytee Gourmet Seed Cake 2 Lb
    Price: $15.28
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      Kaytee Wild Bird Seed Cakes offer the premium ingredients that birds love to eat in an easy, convenient, ready-to-feed cake. Seed cakes slip easily into Cake Feeders for convenient feeding.

      Kaytee Songbird Treat Bell 13 Oz
      Price: $15.99
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        KAYTEE Songbird Treats are made from the finest ingredients and are held together with a binder that includes real honey. The Songbird Treats are an instant feeder that can be put up any time, anywhere. Recommended for wild birds.

        Kaytee Suet Cake High Energy 11.75 Oz
        Price: $9.99
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          Kaytee Suet and Suet Dough are made of high-quality rendered beef tallow that provide birds the energy they need year-round. Suet and Suet Dough easily slip into the Kaytee Feeder Station for convenient feeding.

          Kaytee Suet Cake Peanut 11 oz
          Price: $9.99
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            Made of rendered beef suet and roasted peanut chips. This special blend attracts a more select group of insect and grub-feeding wild birds year-round.

            Kaytee Suet Cake Wild Berry 11.75 Oz
            Price: $9.99
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              Rendered beef suet, white millet, corn and processed berries, this suet meets the demands of a large variety of birds year-round. Berries are a favorite meal of wild birds.